We carry a variety of animals that you might find interesting. The most commonly asked for that we carry are:

  • Ball pythons including pastel, pinstripe, spider, lesser platinum, Mojave, clown, pied, bumble bee, killer bee, cinnamon, & albino
  • Bearded dragons including leather backs, translucent, sandfire, silk back, & citrus
  • Boa Constrictors including ghost, salmon, blood, sun glow, albino, marron, Aztec, leopard , motley & IMG
  • Chameleons including jackson, panther, veiled & parsons
  • Corn snakes & King snakes of all varieties
  • False water cobra
  • Frogs including whites Pac Man, tree frog, red eye, fire belly, dart frogs including azureus, auratus, tinctorius, leucomelas, & strawberry
  • Leopard geckos including tangerine, snow, enigma, blizzard
  • Monitors including savannah, Nile monitor, & water monitor
  • Pythons including reticulated & jungle carpet
  • Scorpions including emperor
  • Standard Geckos including fat tail & crested
  • Tarantulas including pink toe, red knee, gooty ornamental, & rose hair
  • Tegus of multiple varieties
  • Tortoise including leopard, Russian, & Sulcata
  • Turtles including mata mata, giba giba, & side neck

And many, many more, call us today for more information!!

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